Business Setup


I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference (The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost)

Due to globalization business opportunities are abundant all over the world. UAE is one of the most places where a prospective business can prosper. Right from the selection of product/service and project report to the establishing of your business unit and marketing, we assist you all through the process (by taking care of all legal and documentation work in all respects to set up a business venture).

Our expertise gives you all technical know-how to setting up abusiness/industrythereby free yourself from a restricted salary to an aspirant entrepreneur. Choose the ‘road not taken (and make the difference)’ and think of financial freedom in ‘Express’ way

  1. Formation of company – All Countries
  2. Business Counseling & advice
  3. Registration of a New Trade License
  4. Converting Establishments to LLC Companies
  5. Changing/Adding/Removing of Partners/Managers of Company
  6. Arranging Offices (Short & Long Term)
  7. Local Sponsorship Agreements
  8. All Types of Business Registration
  9. Branch Office of Foreign Company
  10. Representative Office of Foreign Company
  11. Power of Attorney