Documentation & Secretarial Service

Documentation service

We are in liaison with all the Departments all over UAE and other Gulf countries. We, therefore, have professional personnel to connecting people with proper authorities (land lords, banks, free zone entities and other authorised agencies) in right time at right place. We do the documentation work in your favour and deliver your documents at your home, ‘Express’ way.

  1. Typing services (Corporate / Individual)
  2. Contracts and Documentations
  3. Typing of Memorandum of Association (L.L.C Agreement)
  4. Power of ATTORNEY (All Countries)
  5. Translation (Legal & Normal)
  6. Certificate Attestation
  7. Drafting of Legal Documents

Secretarial Service

Taking into account the nature of your commitments, time-frame of the work, you may not be able to fulfil all of them successfully. We select the exigency you hope to complete and help you finish those priorities and translating that stress into meaningful action.

Your company secretaries are confined to their area of work (sometimes he/she may not be able to accompany you in your short visit). Moreover, dealing with local authorities, banks, land lords, present market, etc. requires dexterity.

Under such circumstances, experts from our team will assist you in all the Secretarial services, in an ‘Express’ way, and you ‘mind your business’ with relaxation and comfort.

  1. Visa arrangements for business people
  2. Travel schedule & meeting arrangements
  3. Secretary service
  4. Hotel bookings
  5. Usher services